Squad and Tactics

When I first venture into the squad screen this is what I see:

A small squad yes, but I do think we have some good players. Especially for the level we are currently at. I will be looking at adding some depth to the team as one or two injuries will leave us very short.

Having looked at all the players attributes, here are the three players that I think will be key for us this season:

Ali Özgün
Irfan Akgün

Ali will be our main goal threat, while Irfan is the most creative player we have. Serkan is naturally a central midfielder, however he can play at right back, looking at his attributes this is where I think he will be most effective for us.

New Additions:

So I asked the board for a Senior Affiliate, they came back with one suggestion and that was Galatasaray. Obviously I accepted, I hoped we would be able to get some talented young players on loan without having to make any wage contributions.

Kaan Arslan joins us from Galatasaray, he is a Centre Back and he is easily good enough to be a first team regular for us. Hopefully he will provide a solid defence for us. His technical attributes need improving but for a 21 year old he has decent mental and physicals.

Ömer Çakï is in to provide competition at left back, Eren Güler offers another option up front, while Ibrahim Aral adds depth to central midfield.

Nihat Sahin is a Goalkeeper that I brought in on a free transfer. He is slightly better than our current goalkeeper so he will begin the season as a starter.


Tactically I think the best course of action is to keep it as simple as possible, I want us to get promoted this season as I feel we have the players to achieve this.

After trying a few different formations in preseason (5-3-2, 4-4-2 and 4-3-2-1), I’ve settled on a fairly straight forward 4-2-3-1. I know it’s not adventurous or new but it’s the formation that suits the players we have. As we (hopefully) improve and can attract better player, the tactics will change.

This team selection is what I would like to try and stick with as much as possible.

I’ve gone for a flat back four with Central Defenders and Full Backs on support, I didn’t want the RB and LB to be going forward and leaving us exposed so with the support duty they don’t stray too far but do provide another outlet to cross into the box.

The Deep Lying Playmaker is on defend, just to sit in his position and again be another body in the middle of the park. I am pressing high up the pitch so I want players in and around this area to win the ball back for us to counter attack.

Irfan is our Mezzala, I hope he will operate in the half spaces between the midfield and the right wing. With Onur moving inside as an Inverted Winger this should create space for the Mezzala.

The Attacking Midfielder (in this case Ömer Can) is there to link the play between midfield and attack, and chip in with a few goals too.

Ozan and Ali are our main goal threats at Inside Forward and Poacher. Ozan is on attack so the intention is that he essentially acts as another striker, drifting in from the left. While Ali is a poacher as I didn’t want him running the channels, I want him in and around the penalty area and staying as high up the pitch as possible. As I mentioned previously I intend to press high and win the ball back so we need a forward who is ready to get into the opponents box quickly and efficiently.

That’s the plan, now we just need to make it happen.

Thank you for reading this, hope you enjoyed!

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