FM Beth…

Hi there, my name is Beth. I’ve been playing FM for a long time now and after a few years of reading and watching content made by others, I decided to start writing about my saves.

I am also a history student as so there may be an occasional post regarding my studies or things that interest me in this area.

Finally, I am Autistic, having being diagnosed in December 2020 I am slowly starting to understand and make sense of it. I have started to write about my experiences with Autism as I found there was very little reference for adults being diagnosed. A lot of the literature is geared towards a diagnosis in childhood, its great that there is a lot written about this but I found that I couldn’t relate to it. So, I decided to write about what it is like to be an Autistic adult, I am obviously not an expert, I’m just writing from my own experiences.

Thanks for stopping by.



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